Easily manage your website members and member groups. This area allows you to add or import members, create and manage member groups, settings, and adjust your online membership registration process form.

Managing Members

When you access the People tab of your system you will see a listing of the current member groups created for your site. At the top of the screen you will see a listing of sub tabs that will allow you to work in different areas of the membership settings and database.

Custom Profile Fields

You can create custom profile fields that will be displayed along with our standard required profile fields for each person.  This is useful if you are wanting to ask for additional information beyond our standard fields in the person addition process such as 'Shirt Size' with a list of choices to choose from.  You can specify which are required and in what order they display. For fields with possible answers like drop down lists, separate your answers with commas.You need to setup your custom profile fields first, if you have not already completed it, so that when you are adding people, these fields will be there to accept the data.


To create the custom profile fields:Within the system start adding question types to the form.  You can select the following and click 'Add'.

Single Line Text - Good for fields like First Name or Last Name
Multi Line Text - Good for allowing a comment or message field.
Drop Down List - Allows the user to see a list of choices but can only choose 1.
Checkbox List - Allows the user to see a list of choices and choose more than 1.
Checkbox - Good for a question like "Have Children?"  Allows the user to check for Yes or No.
Radio Button list - Allows user to see a list of choices but can choose only 1.

Once you have added your question type to the form, give the question a name in the field label column.  Continue adding types (questions) until finished. Click Save. If you want to edit these questions at anytime, access the custom profile fields tab as detailed above, and when viewing your questions, make the necessary edits, click the '-' button to remove a question, or click the 'Reorder' button to reorder your questions.  When you are finished, click 'Save'.

Form Spam Blocker: This adds a simple math question that SPAM bots can not answer and therefore alleviates your site from getting several spam member additions. It is highly recommended to leave this turned on to prevent SPAM, however, you can disable it if you would like to do so.


Allow Public Site Registrations

Here you can adjust if you want to allow pubic site registrations.  If this option is turned on, at the top of your submenu a 'Register / Login' link will appear allowing visitors to register and log into your site. If this is turned off, then these links will not display and the only process to enter profiles into your database is manually as a system user (which is detailed below).

Allow Public Access Requests

You can also allow public access requests which will allow visitors to send in requests for gaining access rights to a page.  Enter the email address(es) that you would like to be notified if this occurs. When someone attempts to access a password protected page on your site and they do not have sufficient privileges, they can go through this process.  The recipient of the email will receive data that a certain profile is wanting to access a certain page on your site.  The process after this is completely manual in that you must manually find and access the page and profile in question, grant access, and then let them know that they've been given access.

Profile Change Notifications

You have an option for getting notified when a person has created a new profile or changed their existing profile information. You will select which system user should be notified from the dropdown once enabled. To add more users to this dropdown for selection, you'll want to create a new 'user profile' in your admin's 'Settings' area.


Member Groups

Groups allow you to easily manage your people by grouping them together into a group.  When working with pages and access rights, or mass mail list and subscribers, groups will be a handy tool for you to have in place.You need to setup your groups before adding people so that they are ready to accept people when you begin adding them.

When creating and editing groups, you can give the group a name, description, and mark as private or public, and a brief description. If groups are public they do show to visitors during the registration and edit profile process on your site, so its important to mark groups as private if you do not want people signing up for it.

Adding Member Profiles

Visitors can register on your website if you have that option enabled as detailed above with 'Allowing Public Site Registrations'.  You can specify different settings within the system that will auto add the registrants to certain member groups as well. Click the 'New Person' tab to create a new profile one at a time.  If you use this process once added, the profile will receive an email giving them the option to activate or decline their account. They must complete this process to be marked as an active member in your site. NOTE: Although you can see your 'Admin Users' here, this area is for members (website visitors) only. The creation of admin's to edit the site (user's) are created and managed in the 'Settings' area of the admin.


Verifying Profiles

When you add profiles one at a time, our system will send an email to the person's email address that you added to allow them to confirm their account. The profile can not log into your site until their profile has been confirmed. However, you can bypass this manual confirmation process by checking the box 'Verified Person', and on save, the member will be instantly verified and active.

You can import a list of members using the 'import members' tab. NOTE: You must use our sample csv file located in that area to merge your data into. You will notice on only has a few fields.  You can not remove these fields or add additional fields (such as your custom profile fields) at this time.  However, this will allow you to quickly import a list of members into any group(s) and then those member profiles can be edited to include the additional fields / information.

Editing Profiles

You can access any profile by clicking on the Group Icon to enter a group and see a listing of profiles within that group.  Click on the profile's name to access the profile to edit it.  This is handy if they've lost their password and you need to update it, as well as, work with their group and mailing settings. If a member profile exists in more than one group and you make an edit to their profile, their profile is updated system wide (as its the same profile - just appears in multiple groups).

Deleting Profiles

You can access any profile by clicking on the Group Icon to enter a group and see a listing of profiles within that group.  Click on the profile's name to access the profile to edit it. Once the edit screen is displayed you will see a link to Delete the Member.  Doing so will remove them from your site but mark them as deactivated within our database which allows us to continue to honor any mailing unsubscribe preferences that they may have.