Widget - Recent Blog Posts

Widget: Latest Blog Posts


Display the latest blog posts that have been added to any blog page part on your site. This is great for that extra editable region in your site design where you would like to pull in dynamic content.


Popular Questions

How do I add the widget to my page?

To add the widget to the page select the page part from the 'Widgets' tab when adding a new page part to the page.  Install the page part and begin entering content.

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Can I remove this from my page?

Yes. Simply delete the page part from your page choosing either an irreversiable delete or uninstall.

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Why should I use the widget and not the actual page part?

The widget is meant to pull in data quickly and dynamically from an existing page part on your site.  As you update the main page part, any associated widgets are also updated pulling in the latest content. This is useful if you will be displaying some extra content in another editable region within your site design such as the right hand area for latest photos, news, or events.

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Can I use the widget in the 'main' area of my page rather than the other editable regions?

Yes.  If you would like to use the widget in the main content area of your site you are able to do so without issue.  This may be useful if you are wanting to display some content quickly and dynamically from elsewhere on your site on the page you are working with.

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